Application guidance 《Regular Course》
Application guidance [Long-term]
Study Japanese with the College-Student visa


■ Application qualifications
    Those who have completed senior high school or the equivalent (education 12 years or more) in own country.
    In case of January Students, N4 of JLPT is necessary.

■ Study period
    April Student … 2 years at most
    July Student … 1 year and 9 months at most
    October Student … 1 year and 6 months at most
    January Student … 1 year and 3 months (N4 of JLPT is necessary.)

■ Application period
    April Student … September 1st to the end of October
    July Student … January 1st to the end of February
    October Student … March 1st to the end of April
    January Student … July 1st to the end of August

■ Application should be sent to...
    TCC Japanese Institute
    5-28-4, Arai, Nakano-Ku, 165-0026, Tokyo, Japan
    TEL: 03-3388-6728 FAX: 03-3388-7653
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■ Application fee
    ¥ 20,000. - (includes tax)

■ Selection system
    After the application documents are examined, the applicant is interviewed if necessary.
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Tuition & Fees

■ When the applicant enters a school

Basically, these costs are paid before the applicant enters a school.
The tax is included in the following tuition and fees.
Tuition & other payments are not refundable in principle.

Entrance fee 1.\ 60,000. -
Tuition(1 year) 2.\ 600,000. - (a half year: \ 300,000. - )
Text books & Misc. 3.\ 55,000. -
Insurance(1 year) 4.\ 3,270. -(a half year: \1,635. - )*1
Total \ 718,270. - (\ 421,540. - )*2

*Amounts of 1.2 and 3 above are include consumption tax..

*1 Pay the total sum of insurance (the maximum \6,540)

*2 Need \20,000‐application fee in addition to be above amounts

Note 1)Plus outing fee or so on around 8,000yen.

Note2)If you go higher school within a year entering TCC, you will be paid back tuition fee.

When the applicant renews the visa

Tuition (a half of year) \300,000. -
Text books & Misc. (a half year) \6,600. -
\306,600. -

*All amounts above are tax included.

Payment by bank transmittal

Name of Bank  MUFG Bank,Ltd., Nakano-Ekimae Branch
A/C No. 1 3 5 4 6 4 6
A/C Name TCC Japanese Institute

Required Documentation

Before preparing the document, please be sure to read “Note on preparing document” as below.

  1.  Application form (prescribed form by TCC)
  2. Personal records and Personal explanatory of entry (prescribed form by TCC)
  3. Diploma or graduation certificate issued by the last school attended.
      (If applicant is in school, the certificate of school attendance submitted)
  4. Transcript issued by the last school attended.
  5. Five (5) Photographs (3cm×4cm, taken within 3 months)
  6. Copy of passport (when the applicant has)
  7. Japanese language examination certificate of JLPT, BJT, JTEST, NAT, etc.
      (In case of the applicant has)
  8. Japanese learning certificate

 (A) Parents or relatives
  1. Oath for payment of expenses (prescribed for by TCC)
     * When the applicant is guarantor on he/her own, this form is not required
  2. Document of bank account balance in the name of guarantor
     * The balance that corresponds to 1.8 million yen or more is necessary
  3. Document to certify employment income issued by the company
  4. Document to prove relationship with the applicant
Those required documents vary by country. Please ask to TCC Japanese Institute.

 (B) Resident in Japan
  1. Oath for payment of expenses (prescribed for by TCC)
  2. Document of bank account balance in the name of guarantor
  3. Certificate of employment
     * If he/she is a executive of the corporation, registration of the corporation is also necessary.)
     * If he/she is a self-employed, the original of blue-paper report is also necessary (returned later)
  4. Taxation certificate or tax-paid certificate (which annual income is described)
  5. Certificate of residence (which all households are described)
  6. Document to prove relationship with the applicant
*Guarantor of resident in Japan must be a close relationship with the applicant. (such as relative or business partner, etc)

Note on preparing document

 I . Application form and Personal records (prescribed form by TCC)
     1. Entry date and graduation date to fill out in personal records must be consistent with those described in your graduation certificate.
     2. Those who have come to Japan or applied some visa in the past, make sure to fill in all. Visa will not be allowed if there are omissions.
 II. Personal explanatory of entry (prescribed form by TCC)
     1.This is one of what is important when they are examined at the Immigration Bureau.
       You must fill in as specific as possible about the need to study in Japan and plans after finishing learning at TCC. Those who have more than 5 years after graduation from the final school must be describe especially in detail.
 III. Plan after graduation
     1.If you do not know the name of the school in case of wishing to enter a school of higher level in Japan, fill clearly in graduate or university/college or vocational school, and major/specialized field.
 IV. Oath of payment of expenses
     1.If the parent bears the expenses, describe briefly to bear the expenses for child as a parent.
If someone other than parent will pay, describe in detail why he/she bear applicant’s expenses.
     2.Tuition of half year is 300,000 yen. Living expenses is around 100,000 yen with putting together pay of part-time job you expect.
     3.Check “YES” in plan of part-time job. Monthly salary is up to 80,000 yen. Start month of part-time job is after about 3 months from enroll.

Schedule for application procedure and preparation for coming to Japan

  1. You prepare and submit all documents required to TCC Japanese Institute by the due date.
The documents are checked, and TCC will make an application for certificate of eligibility to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
  2. When the certificate of eligibility from Tokyo Immigration is permitted, TCC inform of it the applicant immediately. Then you must remit the tuition and fees to TCC's bank account.
  3. After payment is confirmed, the eligibility and the entrance permit are mailed to the applicant.
  4. Bring the eligibility and your passport, you apply for college-student visa at a local Japanese consulate by yourself.
  5. After getting the visa, you reserve airplane ticket and inform the day of entering Japan to TCC.