Application guidance 《Short Course》
Application guidance [Short-term]

(1) Study Japanese with Temporary Visitor's visa.(90days)

(2) Study Japanese with the visa excluding the above mentioned visa. (e.g. Working-holiday, Dependent visa etc.) The person is also acceptable to study in Regular course.

Guide of Regular Course


1. Application Qualifications
a) Those who have some visa or who will have a visa. (e.g; Temporary visitor's visa, Working-holiday visa, Dependent visa, Spouse of Japanese national visa etc.)
b) Those who can read and write Hiragana and Katakana at least. He/she can take a supplementary lesson before admission if necessary..
c) In case of starting for January, he/she needs Japanese ability equivalent to N4 of JLPT .
2. Study period
From more than one month up to 2 years within the period of visa. (Extendable)
3. Entering period
April, July, October, and January. (cf. Year schedule). The entrance of the middle semester is also possible.
4. Application
If he/she needs school accommodation, contact one month before admission. If he/she does not need school accommodation, contact one week before admission.(Contact TCC by e-mail or call).
 Entrance might be refused when there is no vacant room, when there is no class suitable at his/her Japanese level, or when the student number has reached its maximum number. So contact us earlier and apply, please.
 Depend on countries, he/she needs some documents issuesd by TCC to be permitted the visa, or it might be difficult to be permitted the visa. Contact us and make sure it, please.
5. Required documents
a) Application form (prescribed by TCC)
b) 3 photographs (3cm×4cm)
c) Copies of passport and Residence Card. (if those who have) Can be submitted them after visit Japan.

Tuition & Fees

Entrance fee \ 10,000. -(only when entering a school)
Tuition(for 3 months) \ 140,000. -
Total \ 150,000. - (include taxes)
* Discounts are provided to those who are staying in Japan and legal status of visa. (Please contact TCC)
*Textbook fee is not included in the above amounts.
*As a general rule, you must pay tuition each semester (a semester is 3 months, 50days). If the semester is not 3 month (less than 50days), the tuition are calculated by daily payment. (e.g. 150,000 yen / 50days x studied class days)