Through Monday to Friday.

Morning Class 9:00~12:30

Afternoon Class 13:00~16:30

Beginner I (3 months)

Lists of Goals

・Attain a basic level in everyday conversation.

・Develop listening and writing skills.
・Learn basic sentence structures and patterns.

・Obtain a clear understanding of particles and conjugations of verbs and adjectives.

Areas of Study

Hiragana, Katakana, Pronunciation, Listening comprehension, Dictation, Basic patterns & sentence structure.

Teaching material
みんなの日本語 I  Minna no Nihongo I (Elementary Japanese 1)

Beginner II (3 months)

Lists of Goals
・Improve ability of expressing oneself in Japanese by repetition of learned grammar and patterns.
・Improve conversational skills for every day communication.
・Get accustomed to longer and more complicated sentences.

Areas of Study
400 Kanji.
Reinforce basic patterns and compound & complex sentences. Develop a higher level of reading & writing.

Teaching material
みんなの日本語 II Minna no Nihongo II (Elementary Japanese 2) 

Intermediate I (6 months)

Lists of Goals
・Obtain a clear understanding of difference between the spoken and the written language.
・Obtain the sufficient understanding of complicated sentence structures to read & write comparatively long sentences.

(Aiming to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2.)

Areas of Study
1,000 Kanji.
Reinforce the intermediate level patterns & sentence structures. Strengthen the ability of reading comprehension & writing compositions.

Teaching material
文化中級日本語 I, II

Intermediate II 6 months

Lists of Goals
・Develop the language ability good enough to understand TV programs and the news in the newspaper.
・Develop the ability to express opinions or ideas fully, aiming to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

Areas of Study
2,000 Kanji.
Increase vocabulary.
Read & summarize long sentences.
Memorize idiomatic expressions.
Preparations for taking exams.

Teaching material
Newspaper and television.

Advanced (6 months)

Lists of Goals
・Develop the language ability up to a full understanding of newspapers, magazines, etc., without difficulty.
・Prepare for understanding university lectures.
・Able to write Japanese report and thesis.

Areas of Study
Practice of speech and debate.
Development of high-level reading comprehension.
Guidance for thesis.
Preparation for college.

Teaching material
Newspaper, television, and novel, etc.